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Carrollton Roof: 5 Common Reasons for a Roof Repair

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5 Most Common Reasons Your Carrollton Roof Needs a Repair

Even though a roof can be fairly reliable for quite some time, they’re vulnerable in inclement weather and storms. If your Carrollton roof is in need of repair, here’s 5 common reasons why.


While they look pretty and are excellent for providing shade, trees can cause significant damage to your home.If limbs are reaching your roof they will eventually cause wear and tear to your shingles. Nasty weather can also knock branches onto your roof, potentially causing holes and leaks. Tip: Keep your trees maintained and trimmed and they’re less likely to damage your home.


Hail and rain can wreak havoc on your Carrollton roof. Whether it’s from accumulated debris that ends up soaking and weakening the roof structure or from high winds that blow off shingles, a common reason for a roof repair is to fix a leak. If you’re diligent in addressing issues you can prevent a leak from happening. This is why roof inspections are so important. Unless you routinely inspect your roof for small damages they can escalate quickly and without much warning.

Poor Installation

Quality matters when it comes to your roof installation. Make sure you read all reviews and check the BBB before hiring a roofing contractor. If your roofer rushed through the job or used inferior products chances are good you’ll need a roof repair at one time or another.


Faulty ventilation will make it impossible for you to regulate moisture levels in your attic. If moisture or heat build up they pose a risk of damaging shingles, sheathing, rafters and your home’s insulation. In addition you’ll have an increased energy bill and perhaps even see the formation of mold. Keep your vents in great shape so that hot air can exit and cool air can be sucked in.

Insects and Rodents

They’re cute until they live under your roof. Raccoons, squirrels, bugs of all kinds, you name it- love setting up shop in your home. (And damaging it.) Keep your tree limbs trimmed to alleviate the makeshift bridge animals cross to get to your roof. And last, if you hear noises in the attic, contact us for a professional Carrollton roof inspection. Timeliness is key when it comes to preventing costly roof repairs.





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