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Summer Maintenance Tips for Commercial Buildings

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Heritage Construction’s Top Summer Maintenance Tips for Commercial Buildings

Effectively managing commercial building maintenance shouldn’t mean waiting until something breaks or becomes ineffective to make a repair or call in a professional. In managing a business property, routine preventative maintenance saves stress of last-minute fixes and extends the lifespan of the building’s assets. Most repairs and inspections should be carried out on a seasonal schedule. With warmer temperatures and more favorable conditions, summer is an ideal time to knock out some of the most essential commercial maintenance projects.

While some projects can be performed by building managers or other relevant staff, it’s often worth it to outsource certain building maintenance to a trusted contractor like Heritage Construction Co. With a reputation for professionalism and bar-setting quality standards, the company has quickly become one of the largest and most trusted contractors in the state of Texas.

Here, Heritage Construction Co. has compiled a list of maintenance projects every commercial building should undergo during the summer months.

Check the Water & Plumbing Systems

As with energy costs, the summer months statistically bring about higher water usage rates than the comparatively cooler months which precede them. If your water or plumbing system has integrity issues, it’s likely the business is losing money through leaks and unnecessary use.

Routine inspections and regular servicing of the building’s plumbing system will work to reduce usage costs and avoid the inconveniences of emergency repairs. Several signs that your system may need immediate servicing include standing water or excessive amounts of mud surrounding the building, and excessive moisture in or around the building.

Schedule a Roof Inspection - Commercial Building

Spring is storm season; before summer hits, have the roof inspected for damages that could potentially lead to leaks and further damage. Red flags that may indicate damage include loose shingles, missing shingles, and damaged flashing. While water spots and unwanted moisture are common visible red flags, signs of damage are often best spotted by a trained professional.

Even if there appears to be no obvious indicators that repair is necessary, it’s best to schedule a summertime inspection. For those seeking a contractor that specializes in commercial roofing, Heritage Construction Co. offers some of the highest quality commercial roofing services in the state of Texas.

Check and Replace Light Bulbs

Summertime brings about longer daylight hours. To optimize efficiency and minimize energy

costs have the timed outdoor lighting changed to reflect the seasonal shift in daylight hours. Also consider visually inspecting outdoor lighting by searching for frayed wiring and testing the watertight seal on fixture gaskets. As with many building maintenance measures, lighting is best attended to in a preventative sense.

To further reduce costs and save time on servicing, consider upgrading building light bulbs to LEDs or CFLs. Although they have a high initial cost, they are more convenient and more affordable in the long run. Because LED and CFL fixtures have double the lifetime of standard incandescent lighting, they last longer and take less energy to power.

Check and Replace Gutters

A broken or ineffective water drainage system can quickly cause damages ranging from leaks and mold to foundational problems. If a commercial building has gutters or another water drainage system, it has likely received wear and tear during spring storms or harsh winter conditions. When summer comes about, check up on the building’s water drainage system, making repairs as necessary.

To minimize the amount of necessary maintenance needed for on gutters, roof, and siding, consider trimming back any tree branches or large bushes that may otherwise come in contact with the building and cause damage.

Inspect Doors & Windows

A building’s windows and doors are some of the most common culprits for unwanted airflow that skyrockets energy costs in both winter and summer months. Fortunately, the mild temperatures of early summer provide the most ideal conditions for replacing both doors and windows if necessary. Keep in mind, summertime is also the busiest season for Heritage Construction Co and many other professional contractors, meaning it’s best to schedule these projects early on in the season.

In some cases, complete replacement is not necessary. Carefully maintaining window caulking and replacing weather-stripping semi-regularly is an excellent preventative measure that helps cut energy costs and maintain a building’s overall integrity. It can also prevent the presence of damaging moisture or unwanted insects and pests.

Regularly Service the Building’s HVAC System

In the summer months, a building’s cooling unit is arguably one of its most important assets. To ensure a building’s HVAC system is ready to take on the warmer summer months without the risk for emergency repairs, it’s ideal to get all units checked and serviced as early on in the season as possible.

Frost buildup, constant running, and unusual noises are all common signs that the unit may require repair. In preparation for warmer weather, building managers will also likely want to adjust internal thermostats to account for warmer weather and lower heating requirements.


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